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ECO Product Description

The ECO "Emissions Control Optimizer" saves fuel and reduces emissions, including particulates, NOx and CO.

How It Works
The short answer - it raises the vapor pressure of fuel, and provides a cleaner burn. It is not heat dependent. An easy to read How it Works page is a good start, and our Research and Test Results span many years.

Can you prove it works?
Yes. And we will help you run your own tests on your engines doing the work they are supposed to do, in the conditions they normally work. If emissions testing is available, it will show improvements, otherwise, fuel use and changes in soot and smoke are good indicators. See the Test Procedures.

The ECO has been proven to reduce fuel consumption and reduce regulated emissions with gasoline, diesel, propane, natural gas, and others. Calculate the potential savings. The use of E85 requires special tubing.

The unit is installed inline between the fuel filter and the engine, though it can also be placed anywhere between the fuel tank and the engine. Fittings can be fabricated by the customer, or use our Installation Kits. Our Global Distributor has prepared this Installation Guide (English, pdf).

Each ECO is powder coated steel. Internal components are primarily copper.

Engine Size
The ECO has been demonstrated to save fuel and reduce emissions on engines as small as portable generators to the very large. The ROI and emissions reductions on large engines can be almost immediate.

Expected Service Life
The ECO is warranted for 5 years, but has no moving parts and no consumables. It will likely last longer than the vehicle.

For many years, Emissions Technology LLC, now Better Emissions Company LLC, focused on schools and cities. We have many schools that specify an ECO on any new bus, and many many police cars, EMS units, and waste disposal trucks using them.

We have expanded our reach, and now market internationally to the passenger vehicle sector, to the trucking sector, the mining sector, the generator sector, oil services and drilling, farming, and many more. If it burns hydrocarbons, more than likely we can help reduce emissions and improve fuel use.

Cost and Carbon Reduction
The calculator will help you work out the numbers. If your engine consumes much fuel, the ROI is days or weeks.

For pricing on the ECO System, Installation Kits, and Installation, contact your local distributor.

Patents 964413, 7942135
A picture is worth a thousand words.

How does the ECO work?
How to Reduce Regens
Test Procedures
Carbon Calculator
What Does the ECO Cost?
Installation & Installation Kits
Emissions Reduction Tests
Insurance & Warranty

ECO #2
Any gasoline engine under 5 Liters

ECO #4
Any gasoline engine over 5 liters
Any Diesel engine under 400 hpr
Any Dodge Diesel pickup, Ford Powerstroke
Chevrolet Duramax, and Nissan Titan with Cummins

ECO #5
Any large heavy duty Tractor Rig or Generator
larger than 400 hpr Cummins, Detroit, Volvo,
International, Paccar, Caterpillar, Mercedes, etc.

ECO #7
Diesel and Natural Gas with fuel lines of 3/4" to 1.5" in diameter.

Installation Example

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