How To Reduce Regens

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How to Reduce Regens

We have solved the regen problem.
Typical reduction in regens with the ECO is 50%. The personnel savings are substantial.
We don't eliminate the regenerations, but they are required much less often. This leads to a longer life for some expensive parts.

Combined with regular DPF filter cleaning with Cobra Clean, the savings are huge.

ECO System

How to Reduce Regens

Install Time: 1 hr

Personnel Time: 1 hr

Savings: Varies based on current regen frequency

Replacement: Life of Engine

Consumables: None

Steps Performed by Mechanic

Cold Engine ... install the ECO between the fuel filter and the engine with the kit provided for your engine. We have kits with proper fittings for most engines in use, or you can build your own.

Once installed, the ECO immediately begins treating the fuel (gasoline, diesel, natural gas) and produces a cleaner burn.

For diesel fuel, fewer particulates are produced, and less clogging of the emissions systems.

Less DEF fluid is required, and fewer regen cycles are required. Some vehicles reduce regens by as much as 70%, and average is 50%.

Use less urea and do fewer regens and take the crew to Steak House on money saved.

Photos Showing the ECO installed. It is not complicated.

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