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How to Clean an EGR Cooler

Cobra Clean Degreaser

How to Clean an EGR Cooler

Clock Time: 8 hrs

Personnel Time: 1/2 hr

Materials Cost: $30 for the first, $0 for 2 or 3 more

Savings: $1200/replace


Clogged EGR Cooler

Get a 30 gallon Plastic Drum.

Get 2 bricks or 2 inch square tubing to place on the bottom of drum to set the EGR Cooler on. A steel rack can also be used.

Place EGR cooler on top of rack and fill with Cobra Clean. You want enough Cobra Clean to completely submerge it.

Let soak over night.

The next day, remove cooler and place in wash area. Flush with water hose and spray nozzle until clean. Make sure to flush from all sides.

Let dry on a pallet or blow dry.

Reinstall and go for steak dinner with shop crew.

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