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General Overview of Using Cobra Clean


Cobra Clean Degreaser has no perfumes or scents added.
It has a mild 'cleaner' odor that dissipates quickly.

Basic Use
Spray it on, wait a little, rinse it off with water. The oil and grease is emulsified, and washes away. Some surfaces may need some light scrubbing for burned on grease and oil.

Use full strength unless otherwise indicated.

For large areas, or everyday heavy use, we suggest an inexpensive pump sprayer.

Removes glued on bugs, refreshes headlights that are oxidized, cleans rims, cleans bus seats, all sorts of things.

For laundry, use 1/2 cup for color wash, and more for whites. Pretreat heavy stains with Cobra Clean.

Safe for engine parts, including aluminum and alloys.

Safe for range hoods, sheet metal (steel, aluminum, galvanized, and more), counters, floors

Vent Hood Screens and Bus Air Filter Screens
Spray full strength, let sit a few minutes, rinse well

Grills and Metal Hoods
Spray full strength, agitate with a soft scrubby and rinse well

Food Safety
If Cobra Clean is used on surfaces in contact with food, rinse well with potable water.

Cobra Clean is not approved for use on porous food contact surfaces and equipment, such as those made of wood.

RV & Boats
Removes tar, gum, and is safe for fiberglass and gelcoat surfaces

Spray on, agitate with a broom and allow to work for a few minutes. Rinse.

Spray on, agitate stubborn spots with a broom and allow to work for a few minutes. Mop up, finish with fresh water.


Do not eat it.

Keep out of reach of children.

Use gloves to reduce extended exposure to hands.

Some people might be sensitive, so use gloves.

Keep out of eyes. Use safety glasses as directed.

Use in a ventilated area.

Do not use on leather.

Test painted surfaces, fabrics, and carpet before using.


Not acid, and not caustic.

Rinse with water

Dilute as per instructions



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